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Elisabeth Straubhaar


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Atelier 80 (for the works and/or series "Mutation", "Dans le murmure des Branches","L'offrande", "Ever green", "Cocon 10", "Métamorphose", "Au cœur de l'arbre", "Voyage généalogique", "Jardins 2", "Jardins 1", "Broderies 2001");

Elisabeth Straubhaar (for the works and/or series "Mini2", "Mini 1", except for "Ever green", "Xanthoria", "Bêtes 3", "Bêtes 2", "Bêtes 1", "Cocons", except for "Cocon 10", "Naissance d'un autre monde", "Les trois génies des bois", all the drawings, the presented photographs in the "exhibition" and "presentation" pages, except for the portrait of the artist);

Lolita Lejeune (portrait of the artist in "présentation").

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